Blunovus HR Support Services

Blunovus provides instant 24/7 mental health care and support for you and your staff, “In-Touch” office management training for each doctor and office manager, and an online wellness resource library full of expert resources for everyone to use.

Through the easy-to-use Blunovus app (that can carry your practice branding), you and your staff can reach out anonymously to connect with an actual person to listen and provide connection to additional resources if needed.

With Blunovus, you will experience:

You, your staff, and your patients need mental health support

Dentists diagnosed with depression
Staff experiencing depression
Average annual workforce turnover
Patients with a fear of the dentist (12% with extreme fear)

Promotes doctor and staff productivity and longevity

Blunovus CARE Center Services

24/7 CARE Center Access.

The CARE Center is a text/call-in center that offers live person-to-person support and serves as an anonymous concierge and resource service for all things related to mental health, addiction, and emotional well-being.

What you and your staff receives:

  • Unlimited 24/7 access for all staff AND their family members
  • Certified CARE Center staff trained to:
    • Listen and de-escalate
    • Ask the right questions to understand
    • Deliver access to available resources
    • Provide referral assistance as needed

Online Resource Library.

All doctors and staff are provided unlimited access to the Blunovus CARE Resource Library, which includes expert courses on topics including managing anxiety and grief, dealing with depression, practicing mindfulness, building resilience, and identifying strengths among others.

Additionally, all doctors, staff, and loved-ones, are provided with access to “Hope,” the Blunouvs CAREbot delivering weekly text tips, positive thoughts, and service reminders 

"In-Touch" Office Management Training.

All doctors and office managers are provided with access to a management course designed to help open and manage conversations about mental health and addiction in the workplace. 

“In-Touch” helps managers:

  • Recognize signs and symptoms of people who are struggling
  • Create a culture of workplace transparency
  • Build trust and rapport with staff
  • Encourage staff to reach out for support

Patient service available to build loyalty and ongoing engagement

Offer patients access to mental health resources as a value-added service provided by you – their dentist.