Presenter: Mark Douglas, DDS, BSc, MSc



Immediate Implant Provisionalization Using the Extracted Tooth to Replicate the Natural Emergence Profile

One of the most poorly understood and challenging tasks facing a restorative dentist when restoring an implant is the maintenance of the buccal gingival margin and the interproximal papillae. While the preservation of the osseous architecture is in the hands of the surgeon, the restorative dentist requires a comprehensive understanding of the biologic variables in order to create a restoration that will satisfy the criteria of aesthetic and functional blending with the supporting gingival tissues.

Immediate provisionalization of the implant is a key factor that aids in the preservation and maintenance of the gingival complex. Many techniques and designs have been proposed to fabricate immediate provisionals, each with its advantages and limitations. This presentation will outline the criteria for aesthetic and functional success and review how different techniques and designs satisfy these criteria using the best available evidence. A novel step-by-step technique that utilizes the extracted tooth to produce an emergence profile that replicates the natural tooth will be presented.

Learning Goals:

  1. Identify the biologic variables that must be controlled in order to create a restoration that blends with the natural dentition.
  2. Understand the advantages of fabricating a provisional restoration immediately following implant placement.
  3. Identify the different methods that can be used to provisionalize an implant.
  4. Understand the importance of emergence profile in the provisional restoration and how to alter it to effect a desired change in the gingival soft tissues.

Presenter: Mark Douglas, DDS, BSc, MSc

Course Details

CE Hours

1.5 Hours

Subject Code

250 Operative


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