Introduction to Dental Surgery Course (Online) – Presented by Karl Koerner, DDS, MS



This course will equip you with answers to:

  • How do I loosen roots quickly?
  • How do I preserve the buccal plate?
  • What if the root structure chips away?
  • Where is it acceptable to remove bone?
  • What are the best instruments for extractions?
  • How do I suture efficiently and effectively?


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Five “Must Have” Surgery Instruments – 1.0 hour

  1. Luxator / Periotome Bur Combination
  2. Alternative to the “Surgical Highspeed” When Needed
  3. Spear Point System
  4. Mini-Cryers
  5. Cogswell B / Purchase Points

Bleeding with Extractions – 1.0 hour

  1. Hemostatic Management, Case Studies, PT
  2. Case Studies, Hemostatic Agents, Dental Literature
  3. Case Studies, Emergency Protocols, Plavix/Pradaxa vs. Coumadin, Herbal Supplements and Bleeding

Bone Grafting for Socket Preservation – 1.0 hour

  1. Introduction
  2. Socket Grafts and Periosteal Release
  3. Failures, Healing Process, & Grafting Materials
  4. Ridge Augmentation & Adjunctive Bone Grafting Supplies

Multiple Extractions – Steps to Prevent Patient Pain and Other Problems – 1.0 hour

  1. Introduction
  2. Treatment Sequence
  3. Alveoplasty Procedure
  4. Exostosis
  5. Frenectomy

Flaps and Sutures for Routine Exodontia  – 0.5 hour

  1. Flaps
  2. Sutures

Extracting Single Rooted Teeth – 1.25 hour

Extracting Difficult Lower Molars – 1.25 hour

Why Do Canine Extractions Have to Be So Difficult  – 0.50 hour

  1. Introduction and General Techniques
  2. Bone Removal Considerations
  3. Techniques for Root Tip Removal

Taking the mystery out of Sectioning Molars – .25 hour

CE Credits: 7.5 Hours

Surgical Introductory Course (Online) is the lead-in to the four-part KCSI certification program, enabling general dentists to master office dental surgery and to make it easier, more predictable and more profitable.

Course Details

CE Hours

6.5 Hours

Subject Code

250 Operative


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Nationally Approved From 6/1/2018 – 5/31/2024
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