Presenter: Hrvoje Starčević, PG DDM



Diastema in the dental literature is most frequently referred to as space between the central incisors. The causes leading to formation of diastema may be various. Knowledge of the morphological features of the maxillofacial group in conjunction with developmental age allows for the assessment of standards and pathologies of the anterior section of dental arches.

When we are choosing a method of treatment the following factors should be considered: developmental age, degree of irregularity, etiology as well as setting of the incisors, canines, location of a lip frenulum. Non-invasive treatments, is something what patient with diastema expect, should be first therapeutic choice. Good planning, many photos, digital smile design, color choice, wax up, mock up and finally final work with feldsphatic ceramic cemented with adhesive technique and flowable composite resin was our choice.


  1. Philosophy of using no-preparation or minimal preparation veneers for the closing diastema
  2. Innovative concepts of bonding thin pieces of porcelain to teeth with little-to-no tooth preparation
  3. Material choice for no prep veneers
  4. Teamwork between dentist and dental technician

Presenter: Hrvoje Starčević, PG DDM

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250 Operative


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