For over 25 years Dr. Edmond Truelove the former Chair of the Department of Oral Medicine, University of Washington School of Dentistry, has been leading a literature review. On the first Tuesday of October through May, Dr. Truelove selects 10 articles pulled from over 50 medical and dental journals to share with the Truelove Literature Review Study Club members. Topics range from oral medicine and dentistry to personal health and nutrition.
Each session is approximately 90 minutes in length and AGD PACE approved CE credits are issued. The target audience includes dentists, hygienists, and other staff members. We look forward to a great 2020-2021 webinar series.

CE Hours: 1.5
AGD Subject Code: 730 Oral Medicine


  • Washington AGD Members: $25
  • AGD Members: $30
  • Non-AGD Member/Hygienists/Assistants/Health Care Providers/Others: $35
  • Student AGD Members: $15


  1. Highlight interesting developments in dentistry and medicine.
  2. Give access to journal articles most dentists do not have easy access to.
  3. Provide guidance on critical evaluation of current research and scientific advancements.


  • Carotid artery calcification in panoramic radiographs associates with oral infections and mortality. I Endo J 2021;54:15-25
  • Do manual chest compressions provide substantial ventilation during prehospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation? Amer J Emer Med 2021;39:129-131
  • Effect of calcium hydroxide mixed with lidocaine on postoperative pain in teeth with irreversible pulpitis and symptomatic apical periodontitis: preliminary RCT. Clin Oral Invest. 2021;25:203-210
  • 5 decade analysis of incidence trends of ischemic stroke after transient ischemic attack – systematic review & meta-analysis. JAMA Neuro. 2021;78:77-87
  • Is there an association between the use of antidepressants and complications involving dental implants: systematic review and meta-analysis. Internat. J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2011;50:96-103
  • Associations of vitamin D deficiency with MRI markers of brain health in a community sample. Clin Nutrition 2021;40:72-78
  • Periodontal disease undiagnosed diabetes and body mass index. JADA 2021;152:25-35
  • Pharmacological prevention of noise induced hearing loss: systematic review. Oto Neurotol. 2021;42:2-9
  • To vaccinate or not to vaccinate: should adults aged 26 to 45 years receive the human papillomavirus vaccine? Laryngoscope. 131:1 – 3
  • Polypill with or without aspirin in persons without cardiovascular disease. NJM 2021;384:216-28

Online Course Access:

This virtual meeting is available in the Washington AGD Learning Portal.

Course Details

CE Hours

1.5 Hours

Subject Code

730 Oral Medicine


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